I have been seeing a lot of naturals around me ,I am so glad that there are so many of us.This brings me to my question.Why do we not see lots of women with very long hair around us? You know,armpit length,waist length or even hip length hair. Here in Nigeria,a lot of women, since my childhood days, go natural because of spiritual reasons.And yet they do not have very long hair. Those days pastors tell their members to go natural because that is how God created them,they cite the passage of the bible that says “Do not  let your beauty be outward adornment of  gold”. I am not against anyone’s beliefs, am interested in seeing long beautiful hair around me. I have been thinking about it, and I cannot understand why they have everything at their disposal, especially, having God in their lives and they do not have hair grazing their butt. Probably growing out their hair is not important to them.

As I am  writing this, am visualizing myself having a flowing hair down my butts , singing  beautiful songs in  heaven. Who said I cannot be beautiful and also make heaven.


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