THE Gift

The phone rang and I picked it,and the caller turn out to be my long time friend, Sammy. I was so happy to hear his voice after ten years. His call sent me back to ten years ago, when I was younger, not knowing what am going to do after the Youth Service,let alone what… Read More THE Gift

He touched me

“But the power equation must always tilt toward God. We make a huge mistake when we ask God to be on our side. The proper concern is that we are on God’s side.” I took this from this site   - My mind is going through a lot but let me sleep over it and make… Read More He touched me


Hello , Today I thought about African fashion,and my mind wondered at what our ancestors could be wearing in their time.The truth is because we do not keep information , we may not know.But then a friend of mine once showed me a collage of textiles he made .There it was,the grass-like  kind of cloth … Read More AFRICAN FASHION