What is precious? PIZZA OR PEACE

At 8 o’clock I told the kids to brush and go to bed. I decided to iron some clothes while waiting for my husband to come back. Earlier in the day my daughter had called her Dad asking for pizza, so to them no sleep until pizza arrives.Finally by 9.45 pm  my husband came back with the pizza and everyone ran downstairs. I was worried that they were eating so late, at the same time I did not want them disappointed neither do I want to refrigerate the pizza so I told them to get on with it.They said their prayers and the moment arrived to unveil the pizza, my daughter’s scream brought I and her Dad running back to the table, oh my God! there it was running round the pizza paper, a COCKROACH, I was mad, everyone pounced on the pizza paper but the cockroach ran behind the door and was gone. I felt sorry for my kids, they had waited into the night to eat cockroach ‘infested’ pizza. I was mad at the cockroach, I was mad at my husband for having cockroaches in his car (I knew cockroaches live in  our old car) all this feeling were running around inside of me but I could not say anything because everyone is sad and the  cockroach which could have solved my anger problem is nowhere to be seen.

After  few minutes of looking for the cockroach, I decided to watch a film. just then I heard a rustling sound some minutes into the film and I looked; What! are you kidding me? the cockroach came back for the pizza? I picked up a slippers lying on the floor and -POM- I smashed the cockroach, yes I did it.

In retrospect, I let it take some minutes of peace from me.A cockroach took my precious peace of mind from m can you imagine?.I know by morning the ones left in the car will wish they were not there.


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