THE Gift

The phone rang and I picked it,and the caller turn out to be my long time friend, Sammy. I was so happy to hear his voice after ten years. His call sent me back to ten years ago, when I was younger, not knowing what am going to do after the Youth Service,let alone what my children will look like. Despite some  youthful exuberance, I have no regrets.Living a life of no regrets is one of the best things that can happen to anyone.

Ten years from today, I want to look back at  life  with a nod of satisfaction and a smile on my face. I also want to be able to accept the changes  that will  be taking place in my life. The manner at which  the older ones refuse to get old is becoming alarming,the society has defined how one should look, so many of us want to meet up to  the world’s expectation.

We can’t take back the last few minutes, but we can enjoy the next few hours. We should take each second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year as a gift. Gift(s) are meant  to be cherished, enjoyed and looked forward to.



4 thoughts on “THE Gift

  1. I realized very early in life that aging is inevitable, so I chose to embrace it and age Gracefully. It’s important to follow God’s desire for us and face each passing day with love and kindness. We certainly don’t have a choice aging; cause we cannot stop growing. But we can decide to cherish each moment of our lives as it comes and place our lives at the service of God and man in order to live a fulfilled life.


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