…..cast your worries on him for He cares

I looked closely at the picture of the sleeping Baby, he was  so peaceful lying there on his fathers chest. I looked at the Father’s  face, he was smiling as if saying to the sleeping child “You are in good hands, no one is going to hurt you just relax babe, your dad is here.” It got me thinking how  completely dependent the child was on the father. I ask myself when was the last time you  decided to trust another person with your security, feelings, worries etc. It seems to me that the older we grow ,the harder it becomes for us to appreciate the most important things. Joy, Peace, Happiness, Caring and Be cared for, Love, these things come from within and they energize our body and they also  affect our total well-being in a positive way that we can not imagine. If we can only stop drowning ourselves with worries, especially worrying about things we cannot control, life will be worth leaving.

There is this song we were taught as kids in Sunday school, about casting our worries on Him for he cares, I will start singing the song until it starts sticking into my brain and start making sense to my heart  and eventually it will affect my beautiful life.



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