We came out of the church to get some biscuit from a nearby store, A woman was sitting on a cloth on the floor, one of her legs was burnt and it was covered with Gentian violet, there was another (much older) woman at her back asking people to help them. My husband walked up to them, and told them to go into the church and ask for help (there is a group in the church called St Vincent De Paul, they help to support the needy in the church and community). Not only that ,there is a hospital in the church that will treat them for free, if they meet with St Vincent De Paul group. He explained this to them and we left to get the biscuit. By the time we came back, the women had moved to another position far from the gate of the church. I began to wonder, why they moved, why does she not want to be treated? Does she prefer cash to medical treatment/cure?


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