A friend of my came to the house and was playing the video of Rabboni ministries pastor,who told his congregation to chew grass. Since after watching the video, I took my bible to find something that could make sense to my brethren who decided to chew grass instead of reading and believing the word of God.

Here in Africa many of us, go to church because of poverty, witches, black magic or juju as we call it in Nigeria,etc. When a pastor tell you that he will feed you, and decide to send you to the field to chew grass, he is not concerned about your well-being.

If you are in need, ask for help. If you want spiritual food, the word of God is always there no man can give you spiritual food, physically. Zachariah 4 verse 6 said it is not by power nor by might, but by the spirit of God. If you want to build your faith,you must read your bible,Romans 10 verse 17 made it clear.Faith comes from hearing the word of God,When you read,listen,and make sure you heard and understand so that you get first hand information.

The days are filled with Hypnotism of all kinds especially in the churches,the word of God is your sword


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