What is in a church

I sat down and think about my “faith” journey,a lot came into my mind, I was born in an Anglican church,for twenty years I worshiped God in Anglican church,Since I left home and got married,I have never been able to adjust to a particular church.As I sat down I could count the churches I have been to, but I can not remember exactly why I left them. Firstly, it was the issues of given,tithe,offering etc. I felt the pastor was flogging the living day light out of these things, sometimes  the preaching will make you give your transport fare as offering and the way God talks to them every time,makes you wonder why God is not talking to you.

Again,the issue of wearing Earrings,Trousers and the Dos and Don’t s in one of the churches I have been to, was unbelievable, the rate at which they see demons was alarming, not that I don’t believe they exist but  when I first started attending the church,I felt that was where the spirit of God was,until physiologically, I started seeing people who were wearing Trousers and earring etc, as trying to twist the bible to suit themselves(in fact living in sin). I decided to leave the church because I felt, I have made myself a judge.

The third one, I started with a fellowship group,and I have to leave because the pastor was setting targets of number of people each member will bring to church the next Sunday. I felt the kingdom of God is not concerned with the number of people in the church but hearts who are willing to serve God in spirit and in truth.

I have thought about it, and talked about it with a friend who advised me to go to church, listen, take the good ones and leave the bad ones,there is no perfect human being.

Now married, I am a catholic “Sunday ,Sunday, worshiper”,and still questioning doctrine.

The  church is suppose to help your spiritual growth,support you when you need support.It is not about money or number. A church should be  build in love, peace, unity and understanding,then the issue of given will come naturally with number. I hope am not being self righteous.

Please I will like a feed back.


One thought on “What is in a church

  1. Church, faith or religion goes beyond a set of doctrine or dos and don’ts. It is one’s relationship with His Maker.
    Agreed the church should help to build one’s faith but the question is, is there any gift from God that man has not abused or bastardized?
    My take is, since we have God’s Word to guide us and we are privilege to know Jesus; then we ought to do all we can to be like him. Without what we call church now, we have all that we need to be like Him.
    Prayer and Scripture are tools we need and have. Indeed we are the church; the Temple or dwelling place of the Holy Spirit

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