I was watching a video on YouTube titled,”Why African Christians  are stupid” I was sad that our Ministers are confusing us about what  faith  is and is not. In one of the clips a pastor was using his feet to match a pregnant woman on the stomach in the name of praying for her, another one shows people drinking petrol that the pastor claim to be pineapple juice.

I begin to wonder, what will Christ think of us. When He turned water into wine, it was drinking water, He did not want to prove anything, If not He would have asked for urine or poison to turn to wine. He wanted to meet a need at the moment.

I ask myself, how did we get to this level of misunderstanding of the word, how come with all this miracle of eating grass for food, drinking petrol instead of juice, being matched in the stomach when we needed healing,we are still the poorest in the world.  This is the case of  The Shepherd getting fat, while the sheep dries up. The preachers are now known more than the message they preach, they inflict more pain on the people they were called to care for.

Come to think of it, what of the sheep, why are we so desperate for this miracle, that anything offered us is good. If we can believe that petrol can be turn to juice, why not believe that God’s word will heal us.

Most of this Pastors have seen worst days before answering this call, and everyday, the fear of going back to having nothing, makes them preach anything to get you into there church.

This is what the word of God says concerning you(Minister) in Jeremiah 23  from verse 1(Good News Bible)

“How terrible will be the Lord’s judgement on those rulers who destroy and scatter his people!…………..


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