If there is one thing, that is difficult to overcome, it is grief, especially from the loss of a loved one. I have seen people grieve for years, they continue to tell themselves that they have moved on, but all their actions and decisions suggest otherwise.

A very close friend of mine, lost a child and when I spoke with her, I could feel her pain. she is a very strong woman but the situation seems to have taken all her courage away. I wanted to console her but I can not find the right words. It hurts me to see her in pains.

Many people are going through this phase, some do not want to stop grieving, they have not found the strength to let go. It is not something you just forget, because it is not something you could say you prepared for. Most times we grieve more from guilt, we do not want to forgive ourselves for things we feel we could not do right.When I lost my younger brother, every day, I recounted things I did not do right, the  worst is I felt I did not preach enough to him. That means after the pain of suffering from Leukaemia, he will still suffer in hell. For years I lived with this torture,which I had no business worrying about (It is not my duty to convert a soul, It is the work of the holy spirit).

One thing I have learnt from Christianity, is to keep my hope alive. I believe that one day we will see our loved ones again, I also believe that wherever they are, it is better than this life on earth, that is full of sickness,terror and lack. Also I have come to realise that living in guilt, hurts us more and blind us to the  love of God in our lives. The psalmist said in psalm 30 verse 5b

………..Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Let God feel the vacuum that  has been created, and grant us the strength to live.



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