Living the supernatural life

Have you ever being in lack but your mind is not worried, even when everything around you is singing the song ‘you are in need of this and that’.

I was walking around the house today, and a question came to my mind, Do you think Jesus ever lived like every other person?  I started to look into his life as child and the wedding at Cana, and it occurred to me that every step in his life has been above the natural. Look at it this way, he came for a wedding and there was no wine, instead of his Mum to go to the Groom, or Father of the groom, she strolled to Jesus to say there is no wine. Is not as if, Jesus drank all the wine, or He was wealthy as to buy more wine.

I felt as a mother, watching her child grow, she must have noticed some very impossible things happen around him. Who knows, maybe when there is no food in the house, He looked up to the sky and give thanks  to God, and their will be plenty. I am sure that He has always known and lived above the natural.

Another thing that gave me this conviction, is one of my neighbors in Owerri, I went to visit some years back.She told me, how weird she thinks her girl (she was less than 9 years old then) behaves sometimes. Whenever she notice she has a fever, and she gives her drug , she will refuse to take it. She will rather go to their tap take some water and drink , before she knows it the fever will go down, so the girl hardly gets sick.

Many people are like that, they live above the natural. Well since from birth I do not have the gift or knowledge of how to live above the natural, the word of God (my bible) has shown me that I too can live above the natural.

Matthew 21 verse 21 says, if I believe and not doubt that I can say to the mountain move and throw itself in the sea, and it will.

Today, I have decided to ask God for the strength to live above the natural, so as to enjoy this life.You should try it too.



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