Every season is a blessing-

Christmas has always been celebrated with the Harmattan in West Africa. As a growing child Christmas season, always holds wonderful memories for me; so I do not notice the other inconveniences that come with it especially the cold and catarrh. Well now, I put a lot into consideration. Apart from the dust and dryness of my skin, my hair is the worst hit. Since the onset of Harmattan, my hair is always very dry, combing it is a nightmare. So for my fellow naturals, desperate times require desperate measure. So I decided to braid and wash my hair every day and sleep with a shower cap under my bonnet. During the day, when am going out, I wear a scarf. In fact I have brought out all my scarfs and  I try out so many styles with nice earring and a little make up, and am good to go. For my kids, extension is out of it, but as long as they feel their hair on their face, the are good. I made their hair while wet. and this is what we have.kelechi

A twist with a side weave.

fredWe should all make the most of this season.




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