Many people,say Saturday and Sunday are resting days but for me is always work because every arrangement for my week days start from Saturday. It starts from planing for the next week to cleaning the house, from there to ironing clothes  and making my girls hair. On Sundays, we revise their school work together and make sure, we don’t look for things early the next morning. I am not complaining because my weekdays are not so tiring like the weekends.

When I finished making their hair, I felt so good about what I did, the truth is, it did not take so much time and is different .IMG-20160130-00894

Whenever, you snap a picture, they(my kids) want their images captured in your camera.hair3


Weekends in Lagos is very interesting, I hope you are having fun.



  1. Wonderful. Natural hair is always going to look better than artificial. My stuff got burnt out with hot combs and early permanents ages ago. Still I love to see black hair shine and look so healthy.

    You do it right, and it shows. Think of how proud your girls are of their beautiful locks. Plus, it gives you valuable Mommy time with them.

    Here’s me very impressed!

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