Redistributing the wealth among brethren

I was discussing with my hubby on the issue of  Christianity and how we can improve each others lives as  brethren like the early Christians in Acts 4 verse 32-37. Please before I continue, my husband is a very strong orthodox catholic so our focus here is revolved around the Catholic church as a christian community.

The discussion is, how can the Catholic Christian community better the life of their members, and this is my husband’s point of view

  • Offering free education for the primary and secondary Education
  • Offering a free medical care.

On these issues, he suggested that every catholic parish should be made to pay certain amount towards education and medical care according to their members.  These money will be distributed to all the catholic schools in the archdioceses  for the purpose of running the school.  Each catholic family will have a membership card where you will be making your contribution.  This will enable the poor in the society give their children quality education with almost nothing( we all know that the catholic schools are known for the quality education, they offer). For non catholic members, who want to be admitted into the catholic school, will have to pay a certain amount as fees.

For the medical care, non Catholics, will have to pay to use the medical services. He felt that this will encourage other churches to sit up, and channel their money into more useful matters to help their members.

My argument is this, will this not create division among the Christendom and make the non Christians see us as a house divided among it self.

Do you think this idea is workable, if yes,  please share and live a comment on other means of making it work



One thought on “Redistributing the wealth among brethren

  1. I am deeply convinced that the Church (catholic) can intervene in reducing poverty in Nigeria by providing for her members and be an example to other Faiths. The Church can provide free education and health care for her members. The Church has a well oiled means of catering for Seminarians (aspiring Priest). All the Church needs is to expand and extend this to the running of her schools and hospitals for the benefit of all practicing Catholics. Parishes can fund this schools and hospitals; and I believe there are wealthy Catholics who would love to be part of such a process to alleviate the poor, bridge the gap between the rich and poor and a tool for evangelism.


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