Who am I?

Yesterday, when I shared “Let it go” from music teacher lifestyle,https://musicteacherlifestyle.wordpress.com/2016/02/07/let-it-go/ , I kept reflecting on it. I asked myself this questions, who am I, is anything wrong with who I am?

Looking at me, one will describe me as being quiet and doesn’t like talking but deep inside me I know that I am not quiet, at every point in time a lot of thoughts, ideas, things (I do not know how to describe here), run around in my mind. For not liking to talk is my choice, a lot of times, people do not want to hear the truth so when you open your mouth to tell them how it is, you become the enemy of progress.

I grew up being regarded as weak by my father, because I was always ill, They did not have the information on how to manage my ill-health, they felt it was something to hide. I felt their pain and discomfort whenever I fell ill or had an attack in the middle of the night. So for many years I had tried not to hurt them further and this affected my relationship with people.

I have lived my life thinking that I am a discomfort instead of God’s precious gift;That I can not do a lot of things, that my opinion sucks. Thank God for my husband who saw through me, he helped me get over the low self esteem and exposed me to the world of film making. He let me know that there is nothing wrong with who I am. In fact I am a rare specie of the human race, who wants to put my thoughts into action because I believe, I have a lot of important things to share with the world. and I do not want my type of person to go out of existence. I will leave a giant footprint on the sand of times.

I started blogging last year, because I know that no matter how bad some people think my opinion sucks, there is someone out there, that will find them useful. My blog is my space, I can run my mouth the way I like, speak my mind and the truth, caring less of what people think as long as someone finds my thoughts useful. This is who I am and there is nothing wrong with me.

11 thoughts on “Who am I?

      1. Well, you just have to go on each one’s wordpress page and copy a link from one of the articles you like. You insert (paste)the link in your new post’s “insert/edit link” url box and write in the link text box either the name of the article, or the name of the blog. It’s not a hard task but it will take a lot of time editing that post and afterwards also having to drop a comment in the article you copied to let them know they’ve been nominated, just like I did, so…clear an afternoon 🙂


  1. You are a jewel, I believe you carry in you so much treasure needed by the world today. A woman that have won many fights with God on your sode, courageous, great gift to your children and your husband. Keep up the good work, we appreciate you.


  2. Yes,yes,yes!Thank you for sharing this!Each of us is different in a crazy and unusual way,beautiful,strong and simply unique!I find in writing a release and a freedom that makes me the happiest girl on the planet.
    Keep doing what you do and happy blogging!

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