Concerned Mum

Most sit at home mums, when you ask them what they do, Initially some will be tongue tied because they do not think being a sit at home mum is a job,  others, try to call it a fancy name, like Home Manager, Childcare Giver or what ever sooth their brain at the moment. Here in Africa, many mothers advice their kids to find something doing, the should not sit at home and wait for the man to provide for them.

My question is this, what is wrong with being a sit at home mum, by the way how did they even get the name “sit at home mum” because it seems you sit at home all day doing nothing, while by the time those that went to work came back, you are worn out from cleaning, cooking, shopping and taking care of the house. The worst is your mates, who are career women want to look down on you, when everyday, they pay a nanny or house help to take care of their homes. Any thing that cost you money is very important. So mothers who choose to stop work and take care of their home, should be encouraged and should be seen as contributing to the development of the society. After all  you are your child’s first teacher.

If a woman wants to work, it is very good, if she chooses to take care of her home full time, She should be proud of it because you have first hand information on practical child development. In fact you should write a book from your wealth of experiences.

I think the name should be changed to MUM, their should not be distinction between a woman working in an established place and a woman working in her home. We are all working to make a better society. Okay!


2 thoughts on “Concerned Mum

  1. As a former teacher , I commend your idea bring back mumming. A scenario like this would surely make the job of a teacher easier . Teachers would have more time to teach if they relinquished the burden to make up for the loss of parent in neglected students.

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