My French Fries

Memories are very important especially the happy ones. There are certain foods that when I cook them or eat them, they take me back memory lane, example is Ugba soup that reminds me of happy times I shared with my Grand mother( from my Dad’s side). Vegetable soup, this one reminds me of my maternal Grandma. white rice and stew reminds me of Sundays in my parents house; and French fries remind me of nights at the hostel in the university.

Those days, we call it Frenchies, it is either fried potatoes with a peppery sauce or fried yam with fried egg and sauce. The sellers usually come out at night from 6pm to 9pm. the students queue to buy from them. I love to eat it especially when I have to read into the night or during exam period. To me instead of chewing gum, I choose to chew the fries.

Now I have several ways of preparing my own French fries and it always bring back beautiful memories of hostel life.

Do you have food(s) that take you back memory lane?



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