I have decided to develop a regular feature of dedicating every Monday to share issues on christian living.

This week in the Roman Catholic calendar, Jubilee of family reconciliation is celebrated and we are expected to look back into our families and try to reconcile with one another and restore peace thereby strengthening our relationship with our family members. This is important because, the beginning of every life starts with the family and when the beginning of ones life is not right, it is difficult for every other thing to fall into place. Going back to reconcile with your family will set your conscience free from guilt. Also even if you are the one being offended take time to seek for dialogue so everyone can say their mind.

If this step works, try to get rid of every anger, bitterness and passion, especially the married couples. Instead of seeking for divorce, try to work it out also in prayer.  There are family members, who unintentionally hurt you so much, that you wish you are not related. This is the time to get rid of the hatred, and bitterness you feel for them.

The next step is to tolerate one another and learn to forgive. A family should live in peace and harmony not in strife with bitter memories. In marriages, husband and wife may be nursing painful memories of past hurts for years and this puts obstacles to forgiveness and prevent the amazing healing that Jesus Christ offers.

This week is packed with daily readings from the bible that touches on different topics.

  • Sunday-Matthew 18:15 talks about seeking to forgive your brother that sinned against you.
  • Monday- Ephesians 4:31-32 talks about getting rid of all bitterness and anger.
  • Tuesday-Colossians3:13 talks about being tolerant and forgiving
  • Wednesday-2 Corinthians 5:20 talks about letting God change you from enemies to friends.
  • Thursday-Mark 11:25 talks about forgiving one another before we stand in the presence of God in prayer.
  • Friday – Colossians 3:20-21 talks about duty of the children to their parents.
  • Saturday -Galatians 5:22 talks about what the Holy spirit can give.

I wanted to share this so that non Catholics can also participate because family is important and if we can reconcile with our family , it will be easy for us to reconcile with people we work with.



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