There are people who do not give a damn about what you are going through, but they can not stand to see you happy.

I was reading the book of John chapter 5, when I came across the man who had an infirmity for 38 years. This man could not get anyone to get him into the water, when the angels stirred the water. I am sure that so many Jews had passed by him without giving a thought to his predicament, but immediately he was healed, they felt he does not deserve to be healed on a Sabbath day. I can imagine the kind of happiness the man would have been feeling. Do you know what its like to be ill? in fact most things will stand still until you get back your health.  And one person from somewhere will look at your joyful face  and tell you that you are not supposed to get well.

A lot of people when you share your happy moments with them, they want to play it down as if it was nothing. Why should one be indifferent when his brother, sister or neighbor is suffering and then become sad when they are joyful?

Thank God that He is not a man; and  He that made us whole, had said we should take up our bed and walk. So If anyone has a problem with my happiness, he/she should take it up with my God.

No man is qualified to kill your joy, so do not let them.


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