Write Anything Wednesday


In my church, when I was growing up, we were made to believe that applying make-up was bad because you are okay the way God created you and it is not good to wear trousers for women because bible said a woman should not wear a man’s clothing; and for us trouser was a man’s clothing.

Some days back while painting my nails, I realized I did not get a nice match for my feet so I asked myself; why am I wasting my time on this nails? and then remembered how those days we were told not to make up or wear trouser because it is disobedience to the word of God. As it is, some churches are still preaching this today.

A make-up is any cosmetic use to enhance your beauty, that include your body creams, deodorants and lip gloss etc. there is nothing wrong in trying to make yourself beautiful. Looking good and smelling good attracts people to you.

For wearing trousers, I think that is debatable because if I sleep in my husbands t-shirt, I am wearing a man’s clothing. If I go out to buy a trouser, I will be asked if it is for female or male. So there is a difference here, but there are those termed unisex which can be worn by both male and female.   Women tie wrapper in my country, if a man decide to tie his wife’s wrapper at home, has he sinned against God. The answer is no.  In the Niger delta states of Nigeria, men and women tie wrapper but the way it is sown is different.

But many people still believe that wearing trouser is wrong, because they feel the bible is against it. Here I think it is according to ones faith. If  you have doubt, you are no more working in faith.  Whatever works for you please go with it besides when a lady wears gown or skirt she looks more feminine and more attractive. So it is your choice.

Churches should not twist the word of God in other to suit their doctrine (I believe that those days their tunics were sown to differentiate a man’s cloth from a woman’s clothing). Churches should work on enlightening people on how to grow in faith and seek to love God and their neighbors as themselves. If  you find yourself in an environment that wear skirt to preach the gospel please to gain their audience wear skirt.


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