Letting God Guard You

So many things we want to do,but finding it impossible to do them. Example every year you have a new year resolution but by the end of the year, you find out that things did not work out at all the way you planned. Or maybe your health is failing, financial crises, the lovely child you raised so well, you do not understand what is happening to him or her. There is a lot of chaos in the world,such that there is fear in peoples minds.

When your human strength can not continue ,that is where God comes in. I remember the prayer at Gethsemane where Jesus was overwhelmed and was so sad(Mathew 26 verse 39) . He let it out, he was not ashamed to tell his father that this message you sent me I am afraid. This is the same Christ that was raising the dead, He knows what God can do but it did not stop him from feeling the burden, He was in agony. This is not the point where we say , I do not want it to look like I don’t have faith, because why you are coming to God in the first place is because you know what He is capable of doing. At any point in time , you feel overwhelmed, in anguish and no matter how much you pray, it seems the problem is still staring at you.

It is time to let God guard you, I had an experience where I wished that there was a way out but I could not see any and I asked God for help. The problem did not go away immediately like I wanted but I experienced peace which I could not explain and I overcame without being crushed by the burden.

I do not know if someone is experiencing an overwhelming situation that  brings him so much sadness, do not hide your feelings tell God how bad you feel, how this pain is trying to crush your faith in him and ask him to give you strength and show you what to do. You will experience an inner peace that will usher in your victory.


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