Greatest Gift

I have been blessed with too many gifts ,the gift of life, being a mother, having a wonderful husband, having a lovely family and meeting people who influence my life through their action,word and write ups.

After thinking about a greatest gift I received, one thing keep coming to my mind,Friendship. There is nothing so precious like having a shoulder to lean on when you need it, People who love you,  people who do not judge you but always bring out the best in you.

When I was in the university, I was blessed with  three beautiful friends,  Uche, Grace and Chi Chi. They were very wonderful people to be with, Grace who we fondly call GG is always smiling, that  most times I wonder how she could be smiling in the face of so many stress.She had a way of making difficult situations look easy.  Uche had an interesting  sense of humor, that whenever I remember some of our discussion I can’t help laughing. Chi chi, who we fondly call Chi white, because she was so fair in skin and always looking beautiful and easy going. She was always like a punching bag that takes all Uche’s humorous tantrums with out feeling bad and will always give you her honest opinion.

They were with me through out the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, in sickness and in health. They are the best of friends one can ever wish for.

Today,we are married and living so far from each other, and I miss them a lot but I am happy to have met them and grateful that they accepted me as a friend( come to think of it, what was my contribution to the relationship,I can’t remember.).

We are still friends but leaving far from each other. I wish that one day we could take time out of our mummy busy schedule to enjoy a day together.


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