Write Anything Wednesday


Women are more likely to suffer more in marriages, the worst is that very few have trusted friend(s) to talk to. In this part of the world talking to a therapist is not part of our emotional routine, so we rely on Pastors, Imam, Family members and friends.

When a woman is stressed at home, fights with hubby, she will be so ashamed to talk bout it. Some, their black eye is the only proof to show she was battered but when you ask them, they give excuse of falling from the bed or staircase or mistakenly hitting her face against the wall.

Most women feel there is no perfect marriage, so they cannot discuss their marriage with another woman. They do not want others to use them as illustration or make side talks. Others will tell you they found out that their married friends who they discuss every thing with is having affair with their hubby.

A lot of pictures have been seen on Facebook of women battered at home, and those killed accidentally in the process. The shocking thing is these women might  have posted beautiful pictures of happy couple on line and people will comment thanking God for their lives. People will assume, they are happy. This makes it more difficult for them to talk about their problems. In as much as you are hurting inside, do not assume it will go away with a toothpaste smile. Ask for help and look for solution.

Talk to someone especially in Africa let us seek professional help from therapist and or  Pastor, Some Pastors  are also trained Counsellors . Be wise when you take advice from friends, or people who do not understand your marriage like you do. When two individuals live together, there’s sure to be misunderstanding let alone when you have kids to take care of, bills to pay, career to pursue, the stress will be flying in from east, west, north and south.

Please talk to someone.



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