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Making A Mark

This morning I thought of writing a story on African culture but on a second thought I felt instead it will be nice to give today to  a woman  of great talent who wrote a drama I read in secondary school many years ago “The wedlock of the gods”.

The wedlock of the gods was written by Zulu Sofola. She was born in Nigeria but studied in USA. She came back to Nigeria and became a lecturer in the Department of Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan where she obtained her PhD. She was head of department of the performing art at the University of Illorin.

Professor Zulu Sofola is  one of Africa’s foremost writers, through her works she has promoted African culture and heritage. She held many positions of leadership and was  involved in educational reform for Nigeria and Africa. She spearheaded the movement for educational reform to reflect the African perspective even in the arts and sciences. She was also a former President of the Nigerian Association of University Women, the National treasurer of the Association of Nigerian Authors as well as numerous committees and panels conferred for the advancement of education in Nigeria and Africa.

Zulu Sofola had 15 plays to her credit,

  • The wedlock of the gods
  • King Emena
  • The celebration of life
  • Ivory tower
  • The operators
  • The showers
  • Memories in the moonlight
  • Old wines are tasty
  • Song of a maiden
  • Sweet trap
  • The love of life
  • The wizard of the law
  • Eclipso and the fantasia
  • The deer and the hunters Pearl
  • Lost dream

Zulu sofola’s play is read world wide, through her works, she has preached fair treatment to all human beings. She was married to professor Adeyemi Sofola and they were blessed with 5 children. She died in September 5th 1995,but I believe that she has left an indelible footprint in the world of African playwright.

http://zulusofola.com/zulu-sofola-biography/, http://www.afridiziak.com/theatrenews/whatson/may2011/wedlock-of-the-gods.html , ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zulu_Sofola


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