Give it a try

I have always loved a beautiful piece of art. Whenever I see one, I wonder when I will be able to sketch a finger let alone paint.

For sometime now, I have been asking myself, “Won’t it be nice if you try those long list of things you think that you can not do; If you can imagine them, then you possibly can do a lot”. So I decided to give sketching a try.

A paper collage my daughter has been battling with for  sometime, became my starting point. When I sketched the pelican,  I was so excited because it looked like the one online and with little help from me, she was able to finish the collage

Paper collage

The picture on top is my daughter being a little dramatic.

After this attempt  I decided to sketch a human face of a woman I got online. I was so impressed with myself. Am sure with more practice maybe taking some lessons on it, I will cover my walls with my own beautiful pictures.

Photo on 23-05-2016 at 2.37 PM

I know there are lots of beautiful things you would love to do, give them a try, it may not be as difficult as you think they will be.


One thought on “Give it a try

  1. I love trying new things. My education on the brain and memory assures me that we can grow a residual amount of new brain cells by expanding our repertoire of new try’s. Failure is neither here or there. Failing forward is. By the way…I like your artwork!


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