Let there be Light

One very bad thing about Nigerians is the ability to accept terrible situations as normal and the willingness to cope with the situation.

I am going out of my mind with the idea of not having power supply in a whole straight week. My generator is acting up and I can not store food in the fridge anymore in this expensive economy. I remember my husband calling one of the employees of the Ikeja Electric to find out what is happening. He said he doesn’t know what is going on but that we were lucky to have power for some days because where he lives he has not had power supplied for weeks.

Our power supply situation is getting worse by the day, its immediate and remote effects are everywhere, from the health hazards of the generator fumes to the attendant noise pollution. Unfortunately we need power supply for almost everything we do in the country. A lot of Nigerians are going into depression and anxiety disorder as the day go by, that is why when you overtake a man on the road he heaps abuses on you, you scratch someones car on the road instead of parking off the road to sort  things out, he/she prefer to block the highway for other motorist.

The reason I chose power supply is because it will go a long way to restore sanity in the economy. If there is regular power supply there will be increase in productivity, that means reduction in cost of production, which also will lead to reduction in price of goods, reduction in air pollution , reduction of health hazards resulting to improved health and  good night sleep.

We cannot move forward in darkness, that is why God created Light . Please let us stand up as one nation to generate this Power (light). We should stop destroying power installations and gas pipeline, speak up and against such heinous acts; and Government should speed up whatever plan they have to improve power supply.

One thought on “Let there be Light

  1. Here’s hoping all the lights are turned back on, and you and yours are again able to resume living more comfortably. Here’s also hoping that your countrymen and women are less depressed and racked with anxiety. It’s even more of a hardship to all when people are unkind to each other. I suspect it is because they feel they are having it harder than you are; which is not necessarily true. “The grass is not always greener,” is it? I have a saying that has saved my mind, body, and spirit over the years. It goes like this: “Always Tested, Never Beaten.” Here’s another one: “Life is hard by the yard, By the inch, it’s a cinch.” We sadly cannot control anything, or anyone outside of ourselves, but we can care and keep ourselves one test at a time. Soon, so much strength will be in our reserve, we can make it through just about anything. AND, we can also help others to do so too. Highest and Best!

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