Do not do the work of the Holy Spirit

The recent killing in Zamfara state of Nigeria brought a lot of thought to my mind, we have evolved to the level that we should be allowed to worship the God we choose  and allow others to do same.We should respect each others religion, as Christians we know that it is the Holy Spirit that converts a man so we should not think it is our right to say who is worshiping the real God

When we take over the job of the Holy Spirit, we mess up the turn around that we seek.

Also I want to say that no one is given the right to kill another person because you do not like what they are saying. Christians please let us stay away from undesirable troubles.

I am really not happy at the way most Christians are carrying out their christian duty, One day as I was stepping into the gate of the Catholic church were I worship, a woman was carrying a megaphone and stood beside the gate of the church and was shouting into the megaphone for repentance at the same time people with her were handing out flyers. Now  who is she preaching to  and exactly what is she saying? The truth is, God will always present an opportunity for you to win a soul for his kingdom because he would have prepared the heart. Let us not argue with anyone about their faith nor go to their place of worship to tell them that they will go to hell fire.


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