One day I was returning from my school run, a journey that was supposed to take me  25 to 30 minutes but I was stuck in traffic for hours. At a point I turned off the ignition because we were on a stand still on the expressway. I then decided to use another route close to the expressway. Though there was traffic on this side  of the road, it was moving gradually.

At a point, I turned to glance at the road users on the expressway, and I was pained in my spirit. This traffic happens every first Friday of the month, because of a church program. I was pained in the spirit because every Friday these large number of people will attend this program with this frustrating traffic and yet there is little or no spiritual impart felt in the environment where we live. If mistakenly someone shouted thief in that traffic, most of them will gather to stone the supposed thief to death (this has become  the order of the day here in Lagos).

I began to wonder why we bother to attend  church programs if we actually come back still the same.I believe that people who make serious effort like this to meet with God, must have his divine touch and if they don’t, they should ask themselves why they even bother go to church.


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