Deuteronomy 32 verse 35

The recent killing in the northern part of Nigeria has prompted many Christians to preach hate contrary to what our lord Jesus taught us. Many have decided to call down fire from heaven like the prophet Elijah  on both the wicked and their descendants and some have asked for Christians to fight back.

A lot of wickedness has taken place on earth and more are still taking place. Jesus was crucified even when no wrong was found in him yet he asked God to forgive and not to kill.The same goes for Stephen and many other martyrs .

I can not judge anyone because the pain of having your loved ones snatched away from you, is indescribable. I believe whatever happens to anyone of us, God knows about it and we can only ask for His protection, support, help to endure and also for him to bring justice for us. To those who lost their loved ones in any act of cruelty, I pray for God’s grace and peace in your lives and for Christians persecuted around the world, let each day bring a sign of hope that God is still involved in your lives.



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