Be still and see the deliverance of the Lord

I have found out that in every troubled situation the solution or answers we seek comes when we let God take total control. That is to say having complete faith in God .

Looking at Exodus 14 verse 13, the statement Moses made.He was asking the Israelite who  at that time was seeing death right in front of them, not to panic. He was demanding  that they should ignore the immediate danger and trust God. It is like someone who can’t swim, fall into a river and is struggling, saying “I can’t swim!”. And  you are saying stop struggling  I am here to save you.But most times God want us to have some faith in him, and the truth is, you can only see answers when you stop worrying  and start believing that God has all the answers. Having faith in God does not mean that the pain/ trouble goes away, rather it means that in this situation, I hid myself behind the rock of ages.

Be still this day and see the deliverance of the Lord.




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