Family is the most important thing in the world, but a lot of things are distracting us from seeing its importance. This is “the talk” I had with an elderly man in my church on the issue of family/home and how technology has contributed to creation of gaps in the home. He said that the use of phone has contribute to non bonding in the home. Everyone in the home is occupied with video game, laptops and phone, chatting, sending emails, posting pictures or making business calls.  Some people can be on social media 15 hours out of 24 hours that there is no more time to watch television together, eat together, pray together and play together in the home. “A lot of things are taking our time in the home/family”, He lamented.

Time spent together brings people closer and offers opportunity to learn and appreciate one another and also helps to talk about problems. Lack of family time in the home makes it easy for peer pressure to snatch the children away and also for them to believe in what the world considers trending instead of values taught to them by their parents.

I think that although technology has made a lot of things easier, we should not allow it take family time away from us. Parents should ensure that there is time to play, discuss,eat and pray together as a family. They should always make sure that nothing interferes with bonding time in the home so that the children will have faith in them and family system.




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