A call to my mother in law yesterday, made me realize how lonely it could be to lose a loved one. We recently lost my father in law,and it has been so lonely for her especially now she is not allowed to leave the home(culture) for a certain period of time, everything in her environment reminds her of what they shared together, and how much he meant to her. She could be wondering how she is going to spend the remaining years she has without him.  A marriage of more than forty years, it is a sad situation.

This brings me to the topic of this post, death has a way of forcing us to reflect on life; A situation where we can not control what will happen the next moment, yet we indulge in things that hurt us the most. All these struggle to have it all, quarrel in the home, hatred, envy, unforgiveness, malice and desire to hurt one another etc, are they really worth it. Times spent in things that does not bring peace, joy and happiness end up hurting us more in this short uncertain life we have to live.

Let us try and treat the people around us with kindness and enjoy the moments we share with them. It is important not to spend time in anger and unforgiveness,  so as not to have regrets but  be able  to live a joyful life.  We should cherish every little time we have with a loved, we do not get to live forever.

3 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Life is such a place that we often do not know how much some person(s) means to us until they have answered the ultimate call of the creator.


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