My Banana experience

I love eating bananas and there is this variety I grew up to like. When I moved to Lagos, I began to notice this small bananas, I call them “Yoruba banana” and I call the one I use to know “Igbo banana”. Most times the Igbo banana will be very expensive and the sellers will advice me to try the Yoruba banana, I told them that am not ready to experiment with my tongue or stomach. Those periods I would go home without buying banana because I do not like the look of the small one and I also assume that the taste would be very different.  Two years ago I decided to try the small one, and since then I hardly ask for Igbo banana, the funny thing is the Small ones does not get bad so easily unlike the other one.


I am  not here to talk about these two bananas but to apply the difference in appearance to our every day life. When we base our like or dislike for one another on physical appearance, we are making a mistake. We should try to interact so as to learn new things and be in a better position to argue our facts. Every one in this life, has some goodness in them. We should not judge each other by their facial look, color, affluence etc. We should look out, for the goodness in everyone. I love what Jesus said in the bible that what defiles a man come from the inside not what he ate, our character is who we are because we are given the opportunity to choose between being good or evil. We should look always for the good in one another so that it will be easy to appreciate each other.



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