Surviving during recession

During recession it is difficult to meet up day to day expenses  let alone save. I decided to research so as to find out how best to make ends meet. I prayed for God’s wisdom

First I looked for areas to make money, I love hats, fascinators and I know how to make them, so I produce them on request.


Secondly, investment opportunities; I became an Organogold distributor mostly because I love their coffee. There is nothing like making profit while selling some products and having extra cash when you introduce one to the business. You could check out my website

Thirdly, cutting down on expenses; There  are lots of expenses especially in a country that you have to provide the basic needs like power and water. Promotional sales does not make much sense to me until now, every little money counts. I lookout for promotional sales when it comes to food stuff.

Since we are still developing as a country, we do not have food all round, they come in seasons. We eat less of food that are not in season because they will be very very expensive, and eat more of the ones in season. When it comes to clothes, I will look for places I can get good products at the cheapest rate even buy extra (when you buy wholesale, you get it at a lesser price) to resell to my friends who are interested.

Catholic missionary schools in Nigeria are affordable compared to other schools. They are highly competitive and also take extra curricular activities serious. I moved my kids to the catholic school near my home which is a working distance, this saved me  lots of money especially in school fees and  transportation.

Fourthly, developing a positive attitude to life, I think this should come first because no matter how hard or smart you work, if you do not have a positive attitude to life, you will remain grumpy and unsatisfied.

Every situation requires wisdom, so I hope this helps someone.




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