Forgiveness! From a 4 year old.

At the children class on Sunday, we were teaching forgiveness and a child was asked when do you forgive someone? He said we forgive when someone offend us. I was touched by his answer because a lot of times, when people hurt us we expect them to apologize before we could forgiven them. Unfortunately a lot of people these days do not apologize especially, those close to us; we can not wait for these people before we forgive them.

Forgiveness could be said to mean letting go, choosing not to be angry or feel bad about what happened. It does not mean you are allowing yourself to be taking for granted. When David asked God to forgive him, God did; But he still faced the consequences of his action. If a trusted friend shared your secret with others, you should ask God to help you forgive him or her but be mindful of how you associate with such a person.  Forgiveness does not mean condoning evil or bad behavior, in a case of infidelity in marriage, forgiveness means allowing yourself to heal both emotionally and mentally which is very important to overall well being. It means giving yourself another chance to learn to trust again both in God and people. In the case of abuse, forgiveness means that you choose not to carry a heavy burden in your heart. It also means you are allowing God handle the situation for you. Forgiveness is not a weakness, it is not an option according to the bible(Mathew 6 verse 14-15, Luke11 verse 4,), it is a requirement. In as much as it is important to say we are sorry to those we offend, the “offended”  should not wait for apologies before he or she forgives.

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