The Past

Many times people make comments like,” I remember when I used to have those” or “I remember those days” they say it like they want these things back. There are so many things in our past we can’t have back and continuous wishing that you still have them, will depress you. I can not have… Read More The Past


A poem someone shared on Facebook with me, I loved it and hope you do too. Enjoy! Under The Dark Beautiful Sky…. Focus has its target Light has its reach Music has its rhythm Hope has its height Faith has its depth Trust has its limit Courage has its end Vision has its scope Voice… Read More Poetry


Family is the most important thing in the world, but a lot of things are distracting us from seeing its importance. This is “the talk” I had with an elderly man in my church on the issue of family/home and how technology has contributed to creation of gaps in the home. He said that the… Read More FAMILY