On Facebook today someone posted a video of priestly ordination of some priest in South Korea, and he spoke so highly of the catholic church as the universal, most persecuted,the fastest growing church in the world and so on. I felt that we are missing something,seeing your church as more important than the other church… Read More WHAT IS IMPORTANT

God’s not dead

God’s not dead He is alive God’s not Dead He is alive I can feel Him all over me. I have this song on my lips today and to be honest his Grace has been abundant in my life. After watching ‘War Room’ (a film by the Kendrick’s brothers) some days back, I can only… Read More God’s not dead

Greatest Gift

I have been blessed with too many gifts ,the gift of life, being a mother, having a wonderful husband, having a lovely family and meeting people who influence my life through their action,word and write ups. After thinking about a greatest gift I received, one thing keep coming to my mind,Friendship. There is nothing so… Read More Greatest Gift