A call to my mother in law yesterday, made me realize how lonely it could be to lose a loved one. We recently lost my father in law,and it has been so lonely for her especially now she is not allowed to leave the home(culture) for a certain period of time, everything in her environment… Read More Reflection


I saw a little girl in church today, with a beautiful hairdo, so I decided to try the hairdo myself for this week.  I section my hair into six parts held them in a place with a wool thread( you could use an elastic band). I tuck the tip in and held with the same… Read More HAIRSTYLE


Family is the most important thing in the world, but a lot of things are distracting us from seeing its importance. This is “the talk” I had with an elderly man in my church on the issue of family/home and how technology has contributed to creation of gaps in the home. He said that the… Read More FAMILY